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8B. Respiration

QCA Levels

Pupil Friendly Levels

Literacy PowerPoint

Assessment for learning PowerPoint

Assessment for learning Questions (levels3-6)

Assessment for learning Answers (levels3-6)

‘true or false’ PowerPoint

Additional PowerPoint


science quiz

word search


Respiration (Brain Pop)

Specialised Cells in the Breathing System (Flash)

Respiration (Flash)

Comparing Respiration and Burning (Flash)

Adaptations of the Alveoli (Flash)

The Respiratory System (Flash)

Mucous Membrane (Flash)

Gas Exchange (Flash)

Experiments to Compare Inhaled Air and Exhaled Air (Flash)

Differences between Inhaled and Exhaled Air (Flash)

Breathing (Flash)

Breathing  and Respiration (Flash) “SIM”

Transport of Gases (Flash)

Level Assessed Task


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