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9C. Plants and photosynthesis

QCA Levels

Pupil Friendly Levels

Literacy PowerPoint

Assessment for learning PowerPoint

Assessment for learning Questions (levels3-6)

Assessment for learning Answers (levels3-6)

‘true or false’ PowerPoint


science quiz

word search


Photosynthesis (Flash)

The Role of the Leaf in Photosynthesis (Flash)

Rate of Photosynthesis (Flash)

Testing a Leaf for Starch (Flash)

Experiments to see if Chlorophyll and Light are Needed to Make Starch (Flash)

The Uses of Glucose (Flash)

Plant Mineral Requirements (Flash)

Water and Mineral Salt Uptake (Flash)

Differences Between Photosynthesis and Respiration (Flash)

Plant Organs (Flash)

Level Assessed Task


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