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Bit of Blog Rethinking

Having struggled to separate the different Key Stages and their associated links, I’ve taken the easy option and decided to use this blog for predominately KS3 SCIENCE ONLY. I’ll then, as time permits, develop other blogs to cater for KS4 and KS5 sciences. (I’m trialling KS5 Chemistry at .)

Also, I’m having a play about with adding videos to the site- I can highly recommend “The Photosynthesis Song” for those groups who get that it is a “p*ss take”. They seem to want it time and time again, sing along to it, and I’m not talking about Set 1 angels, either.




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  Dave wrote @


That’s an impressive amount of work for one man! Now I know what your spending you Mondays doing while I’m failing to cover your backside at meetings!!

Keep up the good work!


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