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KS3 SATs Science- Self Evaluation Booklets

KS3 SATs Science Revision

Self Evaluation Booklets



  jessica scaife wrote @

Do you have any mark schemes for the SAT papers? I have tried some out on year 8 and 9 and was wondering if you have the answers?

Brilliant site!

  links4science wrote @

Hi Jessica,

Yes: try this link to one of my other blogs…
Hope you find what you are after

Thanks for the comment


  jessica scaife wrote @

Hi Tony
These are really useful, especially as my school has a shortage of exam questions.
The question booklets on this blog, that were made for SATs revision, for each topic. eg, 8A food and digestion, would not match up directly to one SAT paper, but I guess a question here and there would come from an old SAT paper. If I can’t find a specific one, I could just make up a mark scheme of my own.
I wouldn’t dare do the physics ones though!

Thanks for your help!

  links4science wrote @

the questions booklets are from a school which hasn’t included the markschemes. However, I guess they got the questions from “TestBase”- and so are able to access papers earlier than 2000- it also generates a markscheme for each question. Have you got TestBase at your school? You are not the first person to ask this. No promises, but if time allows, I shall check if I have the answers and see what I can do especially for 8A food and digestion


  jess scaife wrote @

Hi Tony
Dont worry, I will try and find answers as they come up. Its brilliant having the questions all together as a resource.
Many thanks

  jessica scaife wrote @

Found the ones I need from the cover sheet in brackets. Happy days
thanks for your help!

  links4science wrote @


sorted! check out the Question booklet page and the 7A+7B mark scheme is below the question booklet for 7A+7B

Have fun!


P.S. I’ll try to sort out the rest of them this weekend

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